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6121 Grand River, Brighton, MI 48114 517.376.6060


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Owner Stan Laden got his start in the construction industry back in 1996 and spent 15 years with the same company focusing on new residential and commercial construction. Daniel Smith started out remodeling kitchens and baths as well as building new homes in 2004. The year of 2010 brought a down turn of the housing market and despite the economy and what they were told by other contracting companies, they started the company Sure Work LLC.
Specializing in various areas of construction they weathered the storm and continued to grow the business. Focusing on helping homeowners rebuild their homes after environmental damages, insurance work has become somewhat of a specialty of Sure Work with over three hundred insurance jobs since 2010. They've also connected with banks to re-purpose properties that were otherwise uninhabitable to help bring low-income housing back to the community.
Later on, Sure Work LLC began hiring family and friends like Robert Pearce - Stanley's cousin who has also been in the construction business since 1996, primarily focusing on tile and remodeling. Robert also spent many years building homes.

Some of our most notable projects include the renovation work at the Livingston county building when it flooded in 2011/12, a general chemical plant in Brighton, Michigan was waterproofed inside and out over a period of 6 months - a daunting task as the building was over 200,000 square feet.
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